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by admin on May 12, 2009

What exactly makes up a good graphic website? I’ve come across a few good ones that have really erotic and sexy videos, yet they always have technical problems regarding the buffer time, looking for good videos, and too many ads that make my sessions really annoying. To be honest, most of the sites that I’ve encountered while surfing the internet have too many problems and look really cheap that I instantly close the window and look for better ones. I prefer sites that have really great videos and a good and well-maintained site with easy navigation, good video and sound quality, plus less buffer time.

One of the poor ones I’ve encountered so far is Xvideos.com. Sure, it isn’t as complicated as other tube sites, but really, can’t it do better than just mere HTML codes? It uses the same colors as anybody would for a site (red, black, and white) plus it has too many ads of free web cam viewing that it ruins the mood. The homepage already bombards you with their new videos, claiming that they upload additions to their databases every 10 minutes, but they are all arranged and placed in such a disorganized manner that I cannot help but wonder if this is really made by professionals of the industry.

Okay, enough about technicalities. Let’s go on to the real main deal: the videos themselves. Now, I’m a person who is very hard to please when it comes to. I really need hot and sizzling action and I don’t really care if it’s between guy and girl, girl and girl, or even public sex. I also put into consideration how long it takes for the videos to start playing since I’m really an impatient person and want to start checking out the contents of the video. So I clicked on a link to “Locker Room Fuck!” and waited for it to start playing. So far, it didn’t take too long for it to start playing and the media player is actually wide enough with enough buttons for me to know how to work it. The video quality isn’t as good as I expected it to be, so I’m guessing this is why buffering doesn’t take too long.

So far sound quality is optimum, which I find very important when watching tube sites. The moans and the screams of the people are what add to the pleasures of  graphy, right? So here, I give credit for Xvideos.com. The website isn’t faltering in terms of the content, but it has to clean up the entire lay-out of the website for it to attract viewers from all over the world. I’ve been to better tube websites and frankly, the reason why they click is because of the maintenance and the effort the admins are putting in to make viewing so exciting. Xvideos.com has a lot to improve, but it doesn’t mean that they have no chance of ever becoming a certified tube site for everyone’s delight.

Link | xvideos.com

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