Mozilla to Release Security Update for Flash-Player

by Sanky on September 10, 2009

Mozilla, the maker of the popular Firefox web browser, has released on Wednesday a new security update for its flagship browser’s Flash Player to fix all the critical software vulnerabilities.

For the first time in company history, Mozilla announced the release of a new security update for the flash player software making the web browser more secured against attacks and embedded malwares.

The release was timed a day after software giant Microsoft Corp. also released its set of monthly security patches. Those that were included in the security flash player update were Firefox version 3.5.3 and 3.0.14.

Mozilla said that users will be able to run the flash player program smoother and more secure by constantly checking for updates on the software.

The up-to-date web browsing experience, that the new security feature can improve the performance of the software by more than twice its previous capability.

Based on records, around 80 percent of Mozilla users are running on out-dated version of the Firefox.

The study conducted by the company also showed that more and more internet users are choosing the Firefox as their web browser.

With the popularity of Firefox, Mozilla said that it is a good way to start focusing on the development for the Flash Player’s security feature, saying that the growing number of online users will soon need an updated version that would allow them watch videos at the smoothest mode possible.

In his blog, Mozilla spokesperson Johnathan Nightingale said that they will do the same thing in the coming months and will work on other plugins for future products.

Nightingale said that the number of attacks using malwares in add-on software is becoming increasingly alarming, as hackers turned into new ways into invading PCs and other systems, citing recent attacks on unpatched bugs that lie inside Firefoz components.

“This is critical since hackers can do much harm in the users’ PCs. They can even overwrite major parts and components of the computer to run illegal or unauthorized software on the device,” Nightingale said.

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