Great Elephantbird of Madagascar crazy in the Internet

by admin on March 25, 2009

Great Elephantbird of Madagascar

One of the most talked topics today has been the Great Elephantbird of Madagascar.  Somehow people have gone crazy in the social networks about this and they are sharing theories about the 400 years old rare and antique egg.

We could say this is bigger than a rugby ball. Normally the Great Elephantbirds were 10ft and weigthed 500kg so you can imagine how big this egg is right? These animals were gone in the mid-1600bs because the hunters wiped them out.

We can also say the egg of the Great Elephantbird of Madagascar is 300 times bigger in size than a hen’s egg. Also… THEY ARE BIGGER than the dinasours, maybe Steven Spielberg should have known about this before making the movie right? :P

So what do we know with this? not much, an egg? a rare antique? Well this egg is the largest in the world and that is something. If you think Elephand bird eggs are very rare, what could you say about the biggest in the world? by now we only know that there is going to be an auction and the egg is going to be sold to a millonaire collector who wants to claim it. Because we can think that we won’t see another egg like this for 50 years, or more.

We won’t know who is the winner of the auction which is held in the Chelsea Antiques Fair at the Old Town Hall until Sunday. Ok back to the topic, social network and Great Elephantbird of Madagascar? what does it have to do? people have been saying that this egg was a fake and the owners of the antique fair were going to show a 3D egg with the characters of the movie Madagascar. ¿WTF? thats what we say.

The Chelsea Antiques Fair at the Old Town Hall runs until Sunday.

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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough March 28, 2009 at 12:26 am

That is really bizarre

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